US calls for extraordinary medical cooperation from Cuba

Havana, July 28 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s medical cooperation with other countries since the beginning of the pandemic is today an extraordinary example of internationalism, said U.S. activist Diana Block, who lives in San Francisco.

During a virtual interview with Prensa Latina, Block expressed that the barbaric policies of President Donald Trump towards Cuba are the antithesis of the Caribbean country’s commitment to socialism and international solidarity.

The author of the autobiographical book Arm the Spirit – a Woman’s Journey Underground and Back (2009) expressed her support for ‘the awarding of the Nobel Prize to the doctors of the Henry Reeve Contingent’ and indicated that she signed the petition which is circulating to request this recognition.

The doctors of the Henry Reeve represent a model of service and solidarity in which people all over the world can be inspired, emphasized Block.

It is also interesting to me,” he said, “that the contingent is named after an American who fought in Cuba’s first war of independence (1868-1878), which points to a long history of solidarity among our peoples.

He ratified that Cuban doctors and medical professionals have selflessly shared their knowledge and even when the Caribbean nation fights the new coronavirus, ‘Cuba sent brigades to the countries suffering from Covid-19’.

Diana is one of the promoters of the idea that led the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco to unanimously approve a resolution last July 21 for the United States to promote medical and scientific collaboration with Cuba in times of pandemic.

As he explained, he was part of the Venceremos en 2019 Brigade and ‘several of us had visited the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Havana, where we were impressed by the many drugs they had developed there.

After the beginning of the pandemic,” he said, “we heard that the U.S. and Canadian Saving Lives campaign was trying to get local governments across the United States to pass resolutions calling for medical and scientific cooperation with Cuba.

We decided then that it would be very important to get the city of San Francisco to approve a resolution that would include the importation and clinical trials of Cuban drugs such as the antiviral Interferon Alpha 2B’, of proven efficacy in the treatment of Covid-19, he commented.

At the time they thought this could be especially significant since San Francisco is a center of medical and biotechnological research in the United States, said the feminist and anti-imperialist activist, as she defines herself.

Responding to a question about the current relations between her country and Cuba, Block lamented that Trump was tightening the blockade ‘in every possible way’.

He recalled that the Republican leader ‘activated (in May 2019) Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, further limited travel and reversed all the positive policies initiated by the Barack Obama administration’.

He even tried to undermine the positive role of the international medical brigades.

I hope that many more resolutions will be passed to promote medical collaboration with Cuba in the United States, he added, insisting that the U.S. health system ‘failed terribly to meet the medical needs of the people during the pandemic and exposed the terrible racial inequalities that exist within it’.

Now is the time for Americans to look to Cuba to learn about an alternative model of health care, said Block, who first traveled to the West Indies in 1977 as part of the Venceremos Brigade.

That experience motivated me to do what I could to support the Cuban Revolution throughout the years,’ confessed this supportive friend who worked tirelessly in the campaign for the release of the five anti-terrorist fighters on the island from U.S. prisons.

Diana Block is a regular name in various online publications. Among others, ‘I have written several articles about Cuba’s many achievements and the importance of ending the criminal U.S. blockade against your people’.

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