French communist leader calls for action against blockade on Cuba

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Paris, Mar 17 (Prensa Latina)-. Fabien Roussel, Nati), on Wednesday asked his country and the European Union to increase actions to end the US blockade against Cuba, a policy he considered unacceptable.
Speaking to Prensa Latina in Paris, the communist leader stated that Paris and Brussels must take the initiative and multiply efforts in the face of the administration of President Joe Biden to end the economic, commercial and financial siege imposed on the island for six decades.

The Cuban people currently need solidarity even more, because we are experiencing a health crisis that has caused a great impact globally, and also deals with the blockade and its consequences, Roussel, who is also a deputy for the North department, warned.

French communists defend Cuba

Cuba According to Roussel, the French communists support the island in the battle against Washington’s aggressiveness and recognize the efforts by the Cuban Communist Party and the Government to face the current difficult scenario.

We are as always by the side of the Cuban people, said the PCF national secretary, who described the new UN vote in June at the General Assembly on the need to lift the blockade as important. This is a global demand expressed 28 consecutive occasions since 1992 in that multilateral forum.

Amid the health crisis, the previous US administration, with Donald Trump as president, tightened the blockade against the island and added more than 230 measures, among them the repudiated inclusion of the Island in a Washington’s unilateral list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

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