Argentina to join world caravan against US blockade on Cuba

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Buenos Aires, Mar 24 (Prensa Latina) The Argentine Movement of Solidarity with Cuba, Cuban residents in Buenos Aires and diverse social organizations will join next Sunday a world caravan against the US blockade imposed on that country.
From Argentina, prominent figures and activists are working on a great political-cultural act in the capital’s Centennial Park, coinciding with the different actions that will be carried out all over the world in support of Cuba and its Revolution.

In statements to Prensa Latina, prominent journalist and writer Carlos Aznarez, director of Resumen Latinoamericano and one of the organizers, said that from Argentina they will raise their voices to demand an end to the economic, financial and commercial siege imposed six decades ago on Cuba.

World caravan demands end of US blockade against Cuba

We will demand an end to the blockade, especially in this situation the world is going through, where the island has taken the lead in terms of solidarity internationalism, taking its solidarity to different peoples through the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade, he said. Aznarez pointed out that it is very important to raise awareness among Argentines and also to recognize the work of the Brigade as a fundamental candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021, for everything it has done in a generous way.

The Argentine people have always shown a high degree of solidarity with Cuba and its Revolution. In spite of the difficult circumstances due to the pandemic, it is necessary to defend the island and fight for the end of the blockade, he said.

He also called for imperialism to stop criminalizing and waging war against the world and to try to maintain a health system that does not condemn its population to death.

On Sunday we will be at the Centennial Park to tell Cuba that we are here, we continue to demand the lifting of the blockade and the Nobel Prize for its doctors, he emphasized.

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