U.S. dancer commends Cuba’s ballet dance methodology and technique

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Although ballet dance technique and methodology have a too high rate in the United States, Cuba has the same level, Charlene Campbell, artistic director of the Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre, said today.

The distinguished U.S. ballet dancer, who taught a keynote class at the Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba (LADC) Company in her first visit to the Caribbean nation, praised the Cuban ballet dancers and affirmed their work is internationally recognized.

‘I am President of the Ballet Beyond Borders Festival in the United States, an organization that works with artists from over 30 nations and seeks to achieve global communication and understanding through dance,’ she said.

During the morning meeting at LADC, Campbell was accompanied by Ballet Beyond Borders Executive Director Karen Carreno and ballet dancers Piper Leistiko and Naomi Bryne.

Leistiko and Bryne arrived in Havana after winning a scholarship awarded by Professor Lizt Alfonso at the January 2020 edition of Ballet Beyond Borders in Missoula, United States.

‘All new experiences and exchanges are quite important, since these enrich your mind, spirit, the way of thinking and, consequently, the way of moving on the stage,’ said Lizt Alfonso.

Lizt Alfonso recalled the genesis of her work with Ballet Beyond Borders and Charlene, which started off a year ago as she had the opportunity to attend the past two editions of the Festival (L.A. and Missoula).

‘It is a unique and beautiful Festival that goes beyond human borders and also provides opportunities for the disabled or even marginalized by ethnicity or religion, who do not figure in the pre-established parameters of society,’ she stated.

‘Being part of this project gave me the chance of making sure that hackneyed phrase is true, a better world is really possible, only if people prove in the way this festival is carried out,’ she added.

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