U.S. aggression against Cuba is frustration over its success at the Covid-19

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Havana, June 11 (Prensa Latina) The U.S. director general of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernandez, said today that U.S. aggression against the island seem to be motivated by frustration over its successes with the Covid-19.

In his Twitter account, the diplomat wrote that the urgency of the U.S. State Department and anti-Cuban politicians to punish the Caribbean nation seems to be motivated by the frustrating fact that we are on the verge of controlling the pandemic.

Fernandez stressed that the positive results of the largest of the Antilles have been achieved despite the efforts of the Trump administration to destroy it.

In contrast, he added, the Covid-19 is out of control in the United States, where it is possible that 200,000 deaths will be reached in September.

While that is happening, Cuba is preparing for the recovery phase, thanks to its health system, which is focused on saving lives, and the contributions of the biotechnology industry, which is focused on protecting health and not profits.

Such bastions have allowed the Caribbean nation to ‘complement the government’s measures and the responsible actions of the people in confronting the pandemic,'” Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez said on the day.

The day before, the Cuban Council of Ministers approved the plan designed for the gradual recovery, about which representatives of the government will announce this Thursday details of the actions and the schedule, in the TV radio program Mesa Redonda.

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