U.N. Recognizes Cuba’s Peace Diplomacy and Cooperation

Cuba’s permanent representative to the UN, Anayansi Rodriguez, reiterated the island’s commitment to the principles that today govern its foreign policy of peace, under the precepts of solidarity and respect for sovereignty.

Last night, at a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Cuban mission to the UN, members of the diplomatic corps from different regions acknowledged the work carried out by the ambassador and they expressed their best wishes in the new position of deputy minister of Foreign Affairs.

Rodriguez thanked everyone for the support they gave her during her two years as the island’s permanent representative to the United Nations.

I want to renew the commitment of this diplomatic mission to the UN to continue working on the basis of the historical principles that define the foreign policy of the Cuban Revolution: to promote respect for national sovereignty and peaceful bonds between states,” she said.

She also highlighted Cuba’s expressions of solidarity and internationalism with people all over the world, especially the most deprived people. We followed the ideas of Apostle José Martí who expressed ‘Homeland is Mankind’.

Cuba promotes a broad collaboration with a large number of developing countries, based on respect for international laws and the UN Charter, he stressed.

My people have fought hard for years to have a society with all and for the good of all, as was Martí’s dream, he recalled. It has not been easy, but we have managed to build a country where social justice is the main priority, she said.

Rodriguez also referred to the democratic and participatory will of the political process on the island, where the main issues that define the life of the nation are determined by the contribution of all Cubans.

In that sense, she mentioned the upcoming holding of a popular referendum to approve the new draft Constitution, after a broad process of consultation and debate with the entire population.

According to him, this draft Constitution maintains the attachment to a peaceful foreign policy and under the principles of solidarity among States, in respect to sovereignty and self-determination.

As I soon assume my responsibility as vice-chancellor, I thank all the UN delegations that support Cuba and express their solidarity with the island,” she said.

After two years of work, my diplomatic mission at the UN is about to conclude and in a few days I will travel to Havana to serve as Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs: I return with the satisfaction of having worked with a great team, most of them young,” she said.

Earlier this month, diplomat Anayansi Rodriguez was named Cuba’s deputy minister of foreign affairs after taking on several responsibilities in defense of the island’s foreign policy.

She was the permanent representative of the largest of the Antilles to the UN, a position that followed that taken in Geneva before the United Nations and other international organizations present in that Swiss city.

Rodríguez replaces Abelardo Moreno as vice-chancellor, who has an outstanding diplomatic career and he will henceforth serve as advisor to the Cuban chancellor, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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