The book Nocaut presented in Contramaestre

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Contramaestre had the immense honor of presenting this week, Nocaut (“Knockout”), by Julio Pabón, a book that includes Fidel Castro’s visit in November 23, 1995 to the South Bronx, in New York. This area shelters the largest Latino community in the United States, mainly from Puerto Rico.

People are very eager for books about Fidel Castro. When the literary event was announced, the enthusiasm was great, we felt it, we appreciated it, we lived it.

After the specialist’s words about the work, the public bought it until it was finished.

This book narrates how Latinos challenged the power of a mayor and invited Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz to dinner. The sense of dignity prevailed here.

Pabón was not afraid, and with the generous help of Congressman José Serrano and businessman Carlos Nazario, he did the apparently impossible.

At the Jimmys Bronx Café, the event took place with the attendance of three hundred people invited to honor Fidel.

Nobody believed it possible that the Commander would venture to visit a place that could not be easily secured, due to the presence of innumerable high buildings. But the Cuban was there against all odds, portrayed in a memorable photo, where his left hand is protected by an immense boxing glove, a true knockout to all those who opposed a memorable visit that will never be forgotten in history.

Adyanis Castillo Licea

Adyanis Castillo Licea


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