Socialism in Cuba: Building a System

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With the new Constitution, Cubans ratified their decision to continue enhancing their system through which they have made dreams of independence and social justice a reality.

The path to get here has not been easy and this is not the end; it is the beginning of a superior state where the precepts and actions of the people and the government are adapted to the Cuban current reality.

Aggressions are present and they have been present, and they will certainly be present. Absurd as it may seem, the aberrant capitalism that has placed humanity in a situation of extreme inequality and poverty insists on perpetuating itself in favor of just a few.

Socialism has been the salvation of millions in the world to whom it has restored dignity and it has acted for the benefit of all, including those who do not assume it. It is not a perfect system, but I have not known a better one, and it is not perfect because nothing is, but it is just because it gives the same opportunities to all, it has the capacity to create the conscience necessary to stop acting with individualism and thinking collectively.

It educates people to love each other and to empower all people without distinction of race, gender or sexual orientation. And there are still prejudices, but education and the insistence that everyone study and reasons is what has allowed us today to learn from our mistakes and be building a present and a future where there may be new mistakes, but past mistakes will not stop us, nor will they be repeated.

As a system it has gone through difficult moments and my young age does not allow me to give a judgment of the debacle, which is not mediated by the experiences extracted through the reading and interpretation of others. But of current Cuban Socialism I can speak and I can say that it has managed to democratically make everyone participate in the construction of the society we want. I was educated and I educate myself free of charge, I have free health care, and I have seen many people who, like me, regardless of where in the country we were born, have become well-trained and committed professionals.

The task is not easy, I heard Commander Chavez say: there is something that is being born and there is something that has not just died, and that capitalism with several centuries of existence that resists dying does not give space to the socialism that has just been born to develop and show a better way.

One of the merits of today’s Cuba is that it is being built by grandparents, parents and grandchildren in harmony and with the same impetus that made it possible to get here thanks to the fact that many have understood which side duty is on and not which side one lives better.

Dissimilar factors, especially the genocidal blockade imposed by the U.S. government on Cuba have prevented accelerated economic development in Cuba. However, I have seen how comprehensive plans are implemented for the benefit of all people and the environment, something indispensable for future men and women to grow and develop.

From the Commander in Chief, among other things, I learned that the future is full of tasks that require awareness, courage and revolutionary spirit, and the Empire has taken charge of teaching me that as a humble person I do not have the right to live in peace and security. While the General of the Army emphasized to me that yes we can, yes we can and we will always be able to build a better world thanks to socialism and that is precisely what is proposed in this new Constitution.

(Taken from RHC in Spanish)


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