Santiago de Cuba remembers November-30 uprising

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Santiago de Cuba. – The 63rd anniversary of the armed uprising in the city of Santiago de Cuba will be commemorated on November 30th at the place where the actions in support of the landing of the Granma yacht took place.

In the old police station on the Loma del Intendente, now the Museum of Surreptitious Struggle, the central act of remembrance will be held, preceded by the pioneering symbolic assault and the deposit of flowers at the monument commemorating the fallen Pepito Tey, Tony Alomá and Otto Parellada.

At the same time, the memorial ceremony will take place in the building of the Former Maritime Police, also attacked by combatants of the July-26 Movement.

The armed uprising of Santiago de Cuba was indicated by Fidel from exile and was organized by the revolutionary Frank Pais, head of action of the Movement in clandestinity.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)



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