Salary increase will enhance the quality of education in Cuba

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Guantánamo, Mar 11 (ACN) Ena Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, Cuba’s Minister of Education, said on Tuesday in this city that the salary increase to the budgeted area, of which this sector is part, will revert to higher quality in the educational teaching process.

She specified that the current expenses allocated to that area, despite the complex economic situation of the country, amount to over 46 billion pesos, and education corresponds to about 11 billion, 24 percent of the total.

She meant that this figure supports the provision of quality care and an adequate material basis for study to 1.7 million students from pre-school to technological and higher education.

The also deputy of the National Assembly of People’s Power made these statements during the analysis of the 2020 budget, with the municipal education directorate, the union of education, science and sports workers and directors of schools and institutions, from the sixth most populated Cuban city.

Several vice-ministers, Mariluz Leyva Lores, a member of the provincial party bureau, and Emma Gago Pérez, a labor heroine of the Republic of Cuba, participated in the meeting, during which the head of the branch stressed that for 2020, one billion pesos more than in the same previous stage were allocated to education.

She pointed out that this large outlay commits educators to work on the basis of quality, savings, care of the material base of study and of tangible fixed assets, including furniture, and to extend the life of these so as not to incur in anticipated expenses in their replacement.

The head of Education said that at the end of the budget discussion process throughout the country, the orientation of analyzing it from the workers’ assembly to the municipal management has been fulfilled, “as we are doing today in Guantanamo”.

He insisted that the polytechnic schools that have small areas of arable land, harvest condiments, not for self-sufficiency (except where possible), but to dispense with the purchase of these, at least half or one third of the month, which will reduce expenses.

Velázquez Cobiella urged that the budget be executed with efficiency and rationality, and not to confuse the terms save and lack, although it should always prevail not to overdraw those items that are directives.

This action should prevail from the Ministry to the base, he said, and he specified that it is in the latter, in the school, in the Institute, where the battle for the correct execution of the budget is won.

“If the director takes it in his hands and does not delegate it, as it sometimes happens, to the administrator, and helps to bring it to a successful conclusion from the administration, from the union section and the core of the Party and the base committee, where these exist, the positive results will not be long in coming,” he finally said.

(Taken from ACN, 11:10)



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