Caravan in Russia protests against the illegal US blockade on Cuba

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More than ten Russian cities will join the International Caravan against the United States blockade against Cuba on March 27, Lena Loshkina, coordinator of the program of actions in Russia, said on Thursday.

The activist, who heads the Russian Committee to Fight for the Elimination of the Blockade against Cuba, explained to Prensa Latina that an aerostat with the image of Commander Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara will take off from the city of Zhukovsky, in the Moscow region, if the weather permits it.

Loshkina said that members of the ‘Venceremos’ Social Movement plan to hold protests in front of the US Embassy in Moscow.

Friendship society in Russia supports Cuba

She reported that activists from the Committee and the Russian Society of Friendship with Cuba will participate in activities in Saint Petersburg, Magnitogorsk, Tyumen, among other cities, as well as in the independent republics of Lugansk and Donetsk.

Loshkina urged those who ‘cannot participate in direct actions to support us this day with their activity on social networks,’ and pointed out that both the Society and the Committee will do everything possible to transmit details about the passage of the Caravan from Russia around the country and the world through the Europe for Cuba channel on YouTube.

In addition to preparing the actions in the Etro-Assian nation, Loshkina stressed that at the moment, the Committee is helping the organizers of the Caravan, the ‘Europe for Cuba’ channel, to promote this initiative among as many friends as possible in the world.

The Russian activist pointed out that ‘people around the world must see with their own eyes that Cuba is not alone.’


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