Residents in Las Tunas Against Helms-Burton Act

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Las Tunas, Cuba. – With the intervention of doctor Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada took place in Las Tunas city the neighborhood debate of the project We make Cuba (“Hacemos Cuba”), in front of the Provincial Museum Mayor General Vicente García and where the Helms-Burton Act was condemned.

The diplomat and former president of Parliament explained that through the Helms Burton Act the United States government makes impossible a normal relationship between neighbors.

Alarcón de Quesada referred to this spawn as the Slavery Act, because it is an outrageous cynicism to call it Liberty Act, and he referred to our struggles by recalling the legendary phrase in Las Tunas to prefer the city first burned rather than slave.

Professor Eugenio Ramos, form Las Tunas, noted as a panelist the refusal to return sites that they ask to reclaim, because the old facilities do not exist, and the current ones are used by the people.


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