Platt Amendment, a U.S. neo-colonial monster against Cuba

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Guantánamo Naval Base is one of the consequences of  the U.S. neo-colonial monster, which meant the Platt Amendment, approved by the last voting moment on June 12, 1901, with which they curtailed the freedom of the largest of the Antilles.

The reaction among the delegates to the Constituent Convention was one of rejection and they made it clear that their duty was to make Cuba independent of any nation.

On March 15, 1901, Salvador Cisneros, president of the Republic in Arms on two occasions, published his Private vote against the Platt Amendment, in which he questioned: ‘Are we an integral part of the territory of the United States?’; ‘With what right (…) can it dispose of the private affairs of Cuba?

For him, if he accepted this imposition, there would be ‘neither absolute independence, nor would it be a Republic, nor annexed, nor protected, nor a territory of the United States’.

The nascent imperialism thus put an end to three long decades of struggles for independence by the Cuban people against Spanish colonialism.

If Cuba did not accept the neocolonial amendment, Washington would continue to occupy the island territory by force.

Platt Amendment blocked Cuba

Onerous conditions such as the prohibition for the nascent state to sign international agreements with third parties would result.

Also the right that the United States attributed to itself to intervene militarily in Cuba, where it also imposed its prerogative to establish military bases such as the one it still occupies today in Guantánamo.

From there, armed attacks were launched that claimed the lives of Cuban soldiers and the death of even national workers who worked at the naval air base, now converted into a prison and a site for torture and other human rights violations.

The Guantánamo base has also hosted nuclear-armed ships from the Pentagon, despite the fact that Cuba advocates nuclear disarmament.

Cuba does not give up on recovering that part of its national territory that has been cut off by the most powerful nation on the planet, and this claim is reiterated in international organizations and before the occupying power.

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