Orlando Pantoja Tamayo, Faith and Glory

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Contramaestre, Nov. 19.- Orlando Pantoja Tamayo was faithful to the confidence placed in him by the commander “Che” Guevara during the stage of struggles in the Sierra Maestra. By personal request, on December 19, 1966, he joined the guerrilla in Bolivia under the pseudonym “Antonio”. Thus he begins the last and most glorious stage of his revolutionary life.

On November 19, 1966, Captain Orlando Pantoja Tamayo arrived in Bolivia, where he was appointed chief of information and head of the camp in the guerrilla “Ché” that already operated in the mountainous area of Ñacahuazú.

On October 8, 1967, a military combat took place in the Quebrada de El Yuro, where Olo Pantoja lost his life. With the unfortunate death, the legacy of Captain Orlando Pantoja Tamayo’s fidelity to justice, freedom and especially to the leader and fellow fighter Ernesto “Ché” Guevara has not ended.

It seems that by a wonderful coincidence, history kept “Che” and “Olo” Pantoja united in eternity: after 30 years of intense search for the corpses of the guerrillas killed or dead in the Quebrada del Yuro and in La Higuera Little School, on July 3, 1997, the remains of the Heroic Guerrilla and Pantoja Tamayo were found in a common grave and identified, along with 5 other guerrilla fighters.

On October 17, 1997, the remains of the guerrillas were placed in the Memorial of the city of Santa Clara. Thus, the remains of that illustrious son and hero rest on Cuban soil. He knew how to march against death for the triumph of life.


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