Nomination of Cuban doctors for Nobel Prize celebrated in France

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Paris, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) The French solidarity association Cuba Linda celebrated today the nomination of the Henry Reeve International Cuban medical brigades for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021, made official by deputy François-Michel Lambert before the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

We are pleased to know that their application was registered, after presenting it in their name and in the name of all the signatories of the call to recognize health professionals who save lives and work for the well-being of peoples and peace among nations, he told Prensa Latina in a statement.

The President of the France Cuba Friendship Group in the National Assembly sent the petition to the Committee today, to which he assured that Alfred Nobel’s wishes to recognize those who work for the unity of the peoples and peace are represented in the role and action of the Henry Reeve International Medical Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics .

Cuba Linda launched at the end of April a platform to promote the award and counter the campaigns of lies about the island’s medical cooperation, present in the world at a time when humanity is facing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The initiative today brings together thousands of friends of Cuba, hundreds of personalities and political, social and cultural organizations from more than 40 countries, and some twenty national and regional coordinators from Europe, North America and Latin America, highlighted the organization created in 1998.

According to the association, no one deserves the Nobel Peace Prize more than the Henry Reeve Brigades, which in recent months have taken 3,800 doctors, nurses and health technicians to about 40 countries on several continents affected by Covid-19.

Now we have one year left before the Norwegian Nobel Committee makes its decision. We are going to continue and expand the campaign so that the whole world knows about Cuba’s altruistic and humanistic work,’ he stressed.

At the same time, Cuba Linda called for a redoubling of the struggle on the planet against the blockade imposed by the United States on the island, which she described as criminal.

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