No political will from Washington to Cuba

Havana, Cuba. – Carlos Fernández de Cossío, head of the United States General Directorate of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, affirmed that Washington has no political will for a peaceful and respectful relationship with Cuba.

The diplomat admitted in a press conference, after an academic event, that he knows there is a group of powerful people in the United States who have the intention of breaking bilateral ties and in that sense he pointed out that Cuba cannot be surprised by this reality.

He insisted strongly on the idea that we do not want such a break, because Havana considers that bilateral relations should exist and works in favor of their existence.

However, Fernández de Cossío stressed that Cubans are ready for that eventuality, because, he said, for almost 60 years we did not have relations with the United States and nobody has lost sleep and this is not going to happen now if those ties are broken.

Solidarity from the United States

Most Americans are eager to improve relations with Cuba, and in order to have those better ties it is the people of the two countries who have to work together, said U.S. academic, journalist and political activist Benjamin Chavis.

The activist, a former adviser to Martin Luther King, said that while there is a small group in Florida that wants to end bilateral ties, it is not representative of the majority of Americans.

We are going to start working today and every day to improve relations between Cuba and the United States,” he said before considering that there is great potential for the improvement of ties, which is greater than the one that exists to interrupt them.

Chavis advocated to work in that direction, without waiting for November, the date of the presidential elections in the United States.

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