Provocation of mercenaries against Cuba rejected in France

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Cuban diplomats today repudiated in this capital a provocation by mercenaries at the service of the aggressive policy of the United States against the island and ratified their commitment to the Revolution, according to PL.

The staff of the Cuban embassy in France responded with flags and slogans such as ‘I am Fidel’, ‘Free and Sovereign Cuba’ and ‘Fatherland or Death, We will conquer’ to the hostile action of a small group of counterrevolutionaries.

Some individuals approached the diplomatic headquarters, located in the Parisian 15th district, enrolled in the crusade that in recent weeks Washington stimulates to try to generate instability in the largest of the Antilles.

Faced with the provocation of a small group of mercenaries paid by the empire, we ratify that the Cuban people will defend the Revolution, independence and sovereignty to the last consequences, the mission asserts in a statement.

The flags of Cuba and the July 26 Movement waved at the embassy, where its staff affirmed that the only path on the island is the one chosen by its inhabitants to build a prosperous and sustainable socialist society.

(Taken from PL)

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