Maxima Estudio Taller Opens 2020 with Cuban Sculpture Exhibition

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Havana, Cuba.- The cultural center Maxima Estudio-Taller of this capital city is preparing its 2020 exhibition season that will open with the personal exhibition Contrapunto (Counterpoint) of the Cuban sculptor and pedagogue Juan Suarez Blanco.

The exhibition, a visual tour through large and small format works made by the artist during the last six years, will be inaugurated on Friday January 17th at 5:00 pm, local time, at the headquarters of the institution.

According to Suarez Blanco, the exhibition was a pending subject because previously he sought to unite in the same space several instants of his work, apparently contrary to each other due to their themes and ways of doing things, but connected to the musical turn he wanted to make.

I want my work to have that spirit of interweaving things, to create controversies, to challenge each other because in the end they all have a common thread, added the founder of the Art Restoration Workshop School in the western province of Pinar del Rio.

According to the organizers, in each of the pieces there is a dialogue between man and inspiration in the world of the senses and there is a piece of the artist, who works on the basis that each work has its own life and grows by itself.

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