King of Spain to visit Cuba in November

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Havana, Cuba. – Felipe VI, King of Spain, will travel to Cuba in November, in the context of the celebrations for Havana’s fifth centenary, confirmed Foreign Ministers Bruno Rodríguez and Josep Borrell, who confirmed the favourable state of bilateral relations.

In joint statements to the press, both stressed the importance of the first official visit of a Spanish monarch to the Caribbean nation, whose people and government – said Bruno Rodriguez – will pay him a warm hospitality.

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation – who will be the new head of European diplomacy from 1 November – acknowledged the atmosphere of open dialogue, with equality and respect, that his country maintains with Cuba.

Josep Borrell reiterated Spain’s and the European Union’s rejection of the United States’ policy towards the island, in particular with the full application of the Helms Burton Act.
Historical and developing relations

Chancellor Bruno Rodriguez described as excellent news the confirmation of the visit of King Felipe VI of Spain to Havana in November, as it will mark a milestone in our common history.

He referred to the atmosphere of cordiality and friendship in which the official conversations with his Spanish counterpart Josep Borrell took place, as a continuation of the visit of President Pedro Sánchez almost a year ago.

He thanked Spain for its firm opposition to the U.S. blockade against Cuba and its extraterritorial application, and explained to the Spanish foreign minister the additional measures put into practice, such as obstructing fuel supplies.

Bruno Rodríguez affirmed that economic, commercial and investment relations between Cuba and Spain are going well, with strong potential for development in tourism, renewable energy sources and the agrifood sector.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)


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