Illegalities and delays in urban planning

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During the session of the Commission on Industry, Construction and Energy, recently held at Havana’s Convention Center, Samuel Rodiles Planas, president of the Institute of Physical Planning (IPF) presented results that show that confronting illegalities in Territorial and Urban Planning continues to be a debt.

The head of the IBF said that in 2018, 112,529 illegalities linked to Territorial and Urban Planning took place, but in the second semester the figure increased to 115,847 (3,318 more).

“The governments intended to eliminate 21,723 illegalities at the beginning of the year and they managed, until December 31, to eliminate a total of 20,495, which represents 94% of the country’s annual plan. However, from January to December 2018, due to controls by the Physical Planning System (spf), 20 376 new illegalities were detected, out of which 1 146 remain unresolved,” explained Rodiles Planas.

He added that the new illegalities arising from paternalistic and tolerant concepts cannot be stopped in the districts, and there is limited participation of the mass organizations in confronting them.

Likewise, there prevails a lack of exigency, control and follow-up by the Group of Confrontation of the municipal governments to the inspectors, which creates impunity. The cohesion of work between the municipal authorities continues to be insufficient, justification prevails before immediate action, as well as a deficient dissemination to the population of the urban regulations approved by the municipal governments.

When referring to the transfer of housing functions, Rodiles Planas clarified that 257,335 construction procedures have been processed, with 9,521 pending and 2,759 out of time. The Technical Reports of Description, Urban Regulations, Certificates of Habitability for Remodeling and Project revisions continue with greater incidence.

Faced with this reality, there continue to be deficiencies in the quality of the microlocations prepared by the provincial and municipal Physical Planning departments. In the provincial commissions of Compatibilization of Investments it is not possible to systematize the visits to the works during their execution and completion, the latter having an impact on the emission of the Certificates of Livable, fundamentally for the houses.

Repeated quality problems become visible in the elaboration of the documentation of the technical services offered to the population, and the times established by the legal regulations for the procedures and issuance of the corresponding documents are not complied with.

With regard to all these incidents, and with a view to 2019, the President of the mentioned Institute presented among his main work projections those aimed at approving new instruments of urban territorial ordering, as well as establishing and implementing the processes and procedures for the preparation and issuance of cadastral certifications in order to speed up the procedures for the population.

A cycle of functional controls that covers all the provinces of the country and no less than 30 municipalities, in order to also ensure the terms of time for the issuance of documents; technical revisions and operational control in all the country, and to achieve greater training and formation of specialists in this field are also part of the actions.

Most representative and frequent illegalities:

– Violations of urban regulations and projects.

– Constructions, extensions and replacements of houses without the established documentation.

– Structural changes of premises and constructions of buildings without the established documentation.

– Constructions of works for other uses ( freelance work) using authorization issued for housing.

– Land occupations for tourism, agriculture or industry.

– Extensions in areas of common use of multi-family buildings (rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and garages).

– Construction of houses without a minimum of urbanization, giving rise to other illegalities such as soil contamination and unauthorized use of water and electricity.

(Taken from Granma in Spanish)


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