Havana back to normal after restrictions by Covid-19

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Havana, Oct 1 (RHC) After a month of restrictive measures aimed at reinforcing physical and social isolation and thus preventing the spread of the epidemic, authorities in the capital announced today the restoration of services, productive activities and the school year while continuing to insist on discipline, personal care and individual, family, institutional and community responsibility in all the time.

Reinaldo García Zapata, vice president of the Provincial Defense Council (CDP), pointed out at the Informative Round Table that in the great majority of the people, institutions and organizations, the impact of the provisions adopted in September has been very positive, a month that closes with a trend towards a decrease in confirmed and active cases, events and controls of and numbers of critical, serious and deceased patients, in relation to August.

Based on the evaluation of the epidemiological situation of the territory, it was decided to eliminate some of the restrictive measures, and to propose others in the economic and social order, which would ensure the levels of production and services, with quality, especially when the State has put all its efforts in achieving the protection of the population.

We will continue to encourage teleworking and telecommuting, and in turn, we will promote the recovery of production and services by evaluating those who can be reincorporated.

The prohibition of mobility of people at night, the authorization of Via Libre and the restrictions on cars, motorcycles and means of transport and the limitation of moving from one municipality to another will be eliminated, but in all cases the correct use of the nasobuco, the physical distance in public places and workplaces and the control of temperature will be mandatory, reported Garcia Zapata.

Among the directives, it was agreed to maintain the prohibition of interprovincial transportation from and to Havana, the measures restricting exit or entry to the capital, and only special cases will be authorized.

Public transportation will be established as of next Saturday, and the collection of passengers in state vehicles will be resumed.

The also Provincial Governor announced the return to their usual schedule of stores, artisan and industrial markets and the Ideal Markets, while the sales will include other products besides hygiene and food.

As a result of these measures, commercial activities will be reinstated using 50 percent of the capacity except in bars and discotheques; and it was clarified that no public or private parties that do not guarantee physical distance will be allowed.

Garcia Zapata announced that state and private pools will be authorized at 30 percent of capacity and people will be able to enjoy the beach.

The school year is expected to resume on November 2, with a view to guaranteeing the return of teachers from other provinces and the preparation of 12th grade students in four weeks.

Regarding the contraventions, the vice president of the CDP informed the decision to maintain Decree 14/2020, referring to severe fines not only against those who violate the restrictive measures by COVID-19, but also the health regulations linked to the anti-vector campaign.

Medical assistance services are resumed at all levels of care and health support services will continue.

The Governor of Havana insisted on increasing individual and family responsibility for health in the next stages, and not decreasing the demand, control and strict discipline regarding health provisions for the city.

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