French congressman affirms that the US seeks to destroy Cuba with the blockade

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Paris, Oct 7 (RHC) French deputy François-Michel Lambert today warned of the destructive intent of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, a policy intensified by President Donald Trump, which he rejected.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, the president of the France Cuba Friendship Group in the National Assembly said that the unscrupulous hostility towards the island by the current administration goes far beyond ideological differences.

The blockade does not seek to change a country but to destroy it, because it does not accept to give in to U.S. economic interests, he stressed.

According to the environmentalist deputy for the southern department of Bocas de Ródano, the largest of the Antilles faces a scenario similar to that of a war unleashed to raze a territory and then “rebuild it and turn it into a market for big business and the richest people.

Trump’s ideology and his administration is that of business above all else, even if it means assuming the law of the West, achieving the objectives without regard to the consequences, in this case for the Cuban people, he pointed out to Prensa Latina.

In Lambert’s opinion, the intensification of the blockade must be approached from that logic in times of the Covid-19 pandemic and its scourge to humanity, when the call is for cooperation and solidarity.

The parliamentarian promotes in the National Assembly and in French society initiatives for a greater rapprochement with the island and a more forceful position of the French government against the siege of Washington that has been in force for 60 years.

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