French Senator Urges Government to Work with Cuba on Covid-19

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Paris, Nov 17 (RHC) Senator Michelle Gréaume today urged the French government to work with Cuba in the health sector, particularly in the development of a vaccine against Covid-19.

In a letter to Health Minister Olivier Véran, the parliamentarian for the Nord department stated that this collaboration would result in an effective product in the face of the current period of global pandemic, accessible to all and without discrimination linked to the financial resources of the countries.

The member of the Communist Party and of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Armed Forces of the upper house recognized the quality and innovation in the island’s scientific research in the pharmaceutical field, despite the impact of the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade on the sector.

Unfortunately, the Helms-Burton Act continues to affect Cuba, depriving its people of basic necessities and limiting access to raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry, she wrote in the letter, regarding the rule that since 1996 codifies the blockade, used by President Donald Trump to intensify the extraterritorial nature of the siege.

She pointed out that the French-Cuban cooperation would guarantee these raw materials to achieve a fast and effective vaccine.

Gréaume highlighted the recent meeting of the French Ambassador in Havana, Patrice Paoli, with Vicente Vérez, General Director of the Finlay Institute of Vaccines, where two of the four vaccine candidates developed by the island were elaborated.

The senator insisted on the importance of the vaccine against Covid-19 being a public good and recalled that President Emmanuel Macron defended this position.

According to the parliamentarian, France has the opportunity to march together with Cuba along this track, which would represent an alternative in view of the stock market speculation and the uncertainty about costs, such as those awakened by the hopeful announcement of the vaccine by Pfizer, on November 9.

Gréaume underlined that in Cuba health is a universal right and she highlighted its domestic results in confronting the pandemic and its solidarity with other countries and territories affected by Covid-19, including Italy and the French overseas department of Martinique.

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