Education and health, strongholds of the Cuban Revolution

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Cuba, the first Latin American country to eradicate illiteracy from its territory 58 years ago, is preparing to start a new school year by guaranteeing free education to students at all levels.

More than 1.7 million pre-school, primary, secondary and pre-university students will benefit from this traditional policy of the Cuban Revolution in the coming year, in addition to another 240,000 students of Higher Education.

The news is all the more valuable considering that Cuba has suffered for almost six decades a criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States, which has worsened during the current administration of Donald Trump.

Maintaining in the island under this difficult situation a universal and free coverage of education at all levels, as well as of health services, confirms the will of the current government to give continuity to what have been pillars of the Cuban Revolution, recognized by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, as well as by the WHO, the World Health Organization.

The recent wage increase for education and health workers has strengthened these two strongholds of the Cuban Revolution, which are also included as constitutional rights of the people in the Magna Carta adopted this year in Cuba.

Fifty-one percent of this year’s budget in Cuba is devoted to education and health services, which contrasts with the situation faced in these areas by the peoples of many nations of Our America.

“The happiest people are those who have the most educated children,” and “the best medicine is the one that prevents,” said José Martí, the most universal of Cubans, and these apothegms serve as sustenance for Cuban Education and Medical care.

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