Donation to Cuba of materials to expand COVID-19 research capabilities

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Havana, 9 Sep (ACN) An international donation promoted by the Cuban project Cerrando Brechas (” Filling in the Gaps “) contributed to expand the country’s capacities to carry out polymerase chain reaction (PCR) samples, with a view to controlling the COVID-19 disease.

The contribution consisted on protection tools, hygiene kits and sensitization materials in the municipalities of Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa, in the province of the same name and Guantanamo, respectively, informed exclusively to the Cuban News Agency the Master of Science Elsa Lidia Fonseca Arcalla, head of the plan.

She pointed out that the donation helped to increase the protection in both territories on the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV) in the directions of Public Health, Civil Defense, Centers of Management of Risk Reduction, Cuban Red Cross, associations of disabled people and specialists of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA).

It also covered the Center of Scientific Research of the National General Staff of Civil Defense, added Fonseca Arcalla, who is also national coordinator of Danger, Prevention and Risk Studies, of the Environment Agency, of CITMA. She explained that the project Filling the Gaps: Strengthening Urban Resilience through Regional Tools, Methodologies and Protocols for Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction is financed by the European Union’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO) and implemented by the consortium of international NGOs Oxfam and Humanity & Inclusion.

According to the directive, it has a binational character between Cuba and the Dominican Republic with actions in Haiti, while the national intervention areas are the municipalities of Santiago de Cuba, Guamá and Baracoa. With the purpose of promoting risk perception, he continued, an awareness campaign is being carried out, called PONTE ALERTA ANTE LA COVID (“Be Alert to the Pandemic”), which includes actions to prepare and disseminate communication products, including a brochure on Recommendations and Good Practices for Protection and Risk Management in the Face of the Pandemic.

Furthermore, the dissemination on social networks of key messages and testimonials in order to strengthen capacities to integrate gender and inclusion of people with disabilities in risk management and response. The main objective of Closing Gaps is to prevent the loss of human lives and material resources due to the impact of tsunamis, earthquakes and rising sea levels in the coastal settlements of Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic, to enable the progress of joint strategies for inclusive disaster risk reduction in the Caribbean.

(Taken from ACN)


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