Donald Trump and Socialism

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Donald Trump does not know what socialism is. The supposed miracles of Socialism in Cuba are subject of admiration and praise in a good part of the planet.

Those who visit this Caribbean island as tourists or for other purposes, admire that despite the economic siege to which this nation is subjected, the conditions of excellence for a healthy child to be born are mandatory requirements to measure the quality of life.

The Cuban reality continues to work for many as miracles and not as a result of the intelligence and wisdom of a state that has as its center the human being, the woman, the old man and the child in particular.

Nor are the efforts of an ever-growing mass of professionals, technicians, workers, peasants and workers who develop private models of management, who contribute to the national GDP with the efficiency of their results, assessed in their proper dimension.

A sign that there is nothing artificial or miraculous in Cuba, and specifically in Contramaestre municipality today, is that only a few days ago, the Public Health sector, Orlando Pantoja Tamayo General Hospital and all the teams of cadres, professionals and technicians of this branch, were the subject of a warm acknowledgement by the Municipal Committee of the Communist Party and the Board of Directors for their relevant results.

Assessment of the medical services in Contramaestre

It is not a question of achievements within the normality, but of successes comparable to those that occur in the most developed nations of the world.

And it cannot be less because the Contramaestre has 4,134 workers linked to free health services. The medical care network is complemented by 110 Family Doctor’s Offices, 3 majestic polyclinics and their corresponding rehabilitation rooms.

Excellence care for pregnant women in Contramaestre, as in the whole Cuba.

In this eastern Cuban territory, the infant mortality rate is 1.4 per 1,000 live births and not a single maternal death has been reported so far this year. This reality can be interpreted as miracles of Socialism, but it is also obtained thanks to the selfless support of the peasants who systematically contribute fruits, vegetables and legumes free of charge for the consumption of the mothers to be.

Appropriate food for pregnant women in Contramaestre, as in the whole Cuba.

More than eight thousand older adults are located in Grandparents’ Clubs where the elderly become healthier. They are not miracles then: they are realities of Cuban Socialism. Does socialism have to do with justice and human rights or not? Does it have to do with welfare of the people or not?


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