Diaz-Canel welcomed the Cuban doctors coming from Italy

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President Miguel Diaz-Canel, welcomed the Cuban doctors returning from a mission to treat coronavirus patients in Italy. were welcomed home with a personal message from the country’s president and cheers from the public on Monday.

The 36 doctors and 15 nurses spent two months in the hard-hit Lombardy region in Italy and treated 516 patients, according to the Cuban health ministry.

“You represent the victory of the socialist ideal over the myth of the market,” he said.

People on the street welcomed the brigade home, as an expression of recognizing the hard task they successfully carried out in Lombardy, Italy.

As they traveled on buses from the airport, they were cheered from balconies and sidewalks.

The doctors must now spend 14 days in quarantine in a clinic. Another team of Cuban doctors is still working in the Italian city of Turin.

Cuba sent 34 medical teams to 27 countries as support in the fight against coronavirus, according to official information.

Even before the pandemic, sending doctors and nurses abroad was one of the socialist country’s most important sources of income, as well the most beautiful expression of solidarity.




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