Diaz-Canel: Unity in Cuba Today Requires Responsibility to fight Covid-19

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Once again the President of the Republic of Cuba, Diaz-Canel, has called for the unity and discipline of the people to counteract the spread of Covid-19 on the island, and insists that the measures conceived are worthless if they are ignored by some irresponsible people, according to ACN.

The President said that we will not control the pandemic as long as there are people visiting friends, going out to play dominoes, or talking in the corner, and as long as they do not realize that the best decision is to stay home.

Diaz-Canel warned that “the pandemic has not yet manifested itself in the country in its greatest magnitude. Only with social isolation can we resolve that this magnitude will not reach the behavior of the models”.

The president referred to the death by COVID-19 of three Cubans in the last hours, “the day we have had more deaths,” he lamented; and extended his condolences to family and friends.

Because of the behavior of the pandemic, he said, cases are increasing and will continue to do so. The success we have in detecting and reducing them, he said, depends a lot on how the measures are carried out by the central state administration agencies, the provincial and municipal defense councils, the mass organizations, the forces of law and order, and the population. “It is a battle of all of us and where we are all supporting each other.

“It is a matter of supporting this logic of thought and action in a group of measures that are mainly aimed at limiting the mobility of people,” he commented in reference to the new decisions related to the paralysis of public transport, as well as the closure of large shopping centres and a greater supply of points of sale in the neighbourhoods, among other important provisions.

There are those who get into such a routine, he said, that they begin to lose hygiene habits that we have insisted on, such as frequent hand washing.

The President of the Republic reflected that, with the non-working day of this Friday and the weekend, “are three days in which if we act consistently, with responsibility and with the assembly of the new measures, we can advance a stretch in the efficiency in the confrontation to the pandemic”.

That is what we are asking our people, he concluded, and we are sure that most will assimilate this request.


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