Defeat of US imperialism in Bay of Pigs Invasion

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Consequences of the invasion
The Great Empire never imagined that it would suffer its first defeat in Latin America. The enemies of the Cuban Revolution did not imagine that the people together with Fidel and the Revolutionary Militias would give an exemplary response of what a dignified people is capable of when it is attacked.

“Whoever tries to seize Cuba will pick up its blood-soaked soil if they do not perish in the struggle.” For the Cuban Revolution, Girón victory, coined in Cuba, meant a strengthening of the anti-imperialist conscience, an opportunity to forge a socialist conscience. It served to create a sense of unity and belonging to a socialist society.

For the United States, this failed invasion served to know that the Cuban people were willing to defend their Revolution at the price that was necessary, and against any enemy regardless of their origin.

The Americans learned not to underestimate small enemies. The defeat was a hard blow to the plans to overthrow the revolutionary government, leading them to change the plans against Cuba. So they had to re-elaborate the plans and change strategies to try again in different ways the execution of their plans.

They did not estimate the courage and moral strength of a people defending a revolution that had begun on October 10, 1868, and that had cost so many lives until the definitive triumph on January 1, 1959, under the orders of Fidel Castro Ruz.

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