Cuba’s solidarity to the world overshadows the US, experts say

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Washington, United States.- Cuba’s solidarity with other countries in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic eclipsed the United States in the world, the website underlines today.

The publication affirms that Washington’s coercion is not compatible with Cuba’s solidarity and maintains that the coronavirus pandemic pushed the island into the international arena and as a formidable opponent of capitalism.

While Western countries struggle to cope with increasingly deficient health care systems that are responsible for a high mortality rate among coronavirus patients, Cuba faces the situation and at the same time maintains its internationalist reach, it points out.

Cuba is no longer isolated, the article adds. Its doctors are in great demand by the same governments that consent to the foreign policy of the United States, it says.

At the moment, however, Washington is waging a losing battle. Since 2018, the Trump administration has embarked on a smear campaign against the Cuban government, alleging the exploitation of revolutionary doctors who offer their services worldwide and in remote areas, it expresses.

Unable to curb the growing need for Cuban doctors in western countries, the United States retaliates by preventing foreign medical supplies from reaching the island, just as happened with a donation from the Chinese businessman and founder of the Alibaba website.

The publication highlights that the White House is putting pressure on countries to reject the medical aid that Cuba is offering to combat the pandemic, a call that is finding more and more rejection as more countries seek the expertise of Cuban doctors in times of pandemics or natural disasters.

The United States, which influences world opinion through state terror and foreign intervention, is no longer a benchmark, it remarks.

However, it continues, Cuba simply remained firm in its values and committed to the principles outlined by the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

Leading by example instead of coercion, Cuba eclipsed the United States on the world stage, stresses the article published by

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