Cuba’s and China’s solidarity, the right choice to face Covid-19

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As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc globally –leaving more than 198 668 dead so far– capitalism has never before faced a similar threat. In the face of a global crisis, it has become clear that international solidarity is an alternative to rethinking the dynamics that characterize today’s geopolitics.

With the world immersed  in quarantine and long-term suspension of activities, the economy has suffered one of its greatest blows, with billions upon billions in losses and millions of people facing financial uncertainty. The world’s leading international institutions warn that it could face the worst recession since the 1930s.

While all this is happening, along with the health crisis with inefficient governments having to cope with the impact of the virus, nations such as the United States, France or the United Kingdom face trouble after the collapse of their weakened health systems due to decades of under-funding and neoliberal austerity, showing how the neoliberal capitalist model failed in providing health and safety to the majority of the population.

Experts say that as private medical schools, private hospitals, and private pharmaceutical companies skyrocket in recent times, the public system has withered, and as a result, millions of people in the world suffer the consequences, perhaps more than the impact of the virus itself.

On the other hand, the negligence of neoliberal governments has also been seen when they oppose adopting responsible prevention policies in the face of the pandemic, placing the economic interests of the dominant groups, the transnational corporations or of themselves above the protection, care and fundamental right of life.

Amid this bewilderment, international solidarity, from countries like Cuba and China, emerges as a vital principle in the fight against the virus that also compares two state models (socialist and neoliberal) in the heart of what the crisis exposed: geopolitical dispute and its global alternatives, imperialist intervention and modes of domination in times of crises.

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