Cubans remain undefeated in World Volleyball Championship

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Tunisia. – Cuba’s squad dominated Chinese Taipei’s and accumulated 3 wins without a setback in the World Volleyball Championship for children under 19, based in Tunisia.

The Cuban team won the first set 25 by 18, then lost concentration 17 to 25, but returned with firm jumps to win 25 to 19, and 25 by 20.

In the game, the Cubans marked superiority in all the indicators; they assumed the offensive protagonism José Miguel Gutiérrez with 18 points, Víctor Andreu with 15, Eduardo Hernández with 11 units.

Tomorrow Cuba rests, now it leads the Group A of the World Under-19 Volleyball Championship thanks to 8 points, with one match more than Belarus and Tunisia which are distant more than 5 points, and Brazil is fourth but it has only played one match.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)

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