Cubans ratify new Constitution of the Republic

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Cubans ratified the new Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, according to preliminary information offered today in this capital by Alina Balseiro, president of the National Electoral Commission, as with six million 816 thousand 169 votes in favor of YES.

That number of votes represents 86.85 percent of support with respect to the total votes cast, which were seven million 848 thousand 343, which in turn represents 84.41 percent of the updated list of voters.

Of the total number of ballots cast, 7,522,569 (95.85 percent) were valid, 198,674 (2.53 percent) were blank, and 127,100 (1.62 percent) were annulled.
The NO option received 706,400 votes, equivalent to nine percent of the total votes cast.

A total of nine million 298,277 voters were called to vote this Sunday, according to the updated list, which includes more than 634,000 inclusions that respond to the possibility given by Cuban law that voters may exercise their right to vote in a school different from the one corresponding to their area of residence.

Balseiro recalled that for this reason these are preliminary figures and in the next few days the official results will be reported, including the vote abroad, after the process of validation and compatibility of the list of voters, said the official during a press conference in front of Cuban and foreign media.

She affirmed that the day passed in a very satisfactory and favorable atmosphere with a high attendance to the citizenship colleges and the electoral authorities fulfilled their role.

The Magna Carta that was submitted for consultation this Sunday was approved by theCuban Parliament on December 22 after 60 percent of its content was modified based on the proposals coming from the popular consultation process that took place from August 13 to November 15, 2018.

This Sunday the Cubans went to the polls in a day characterized by the transparency in the process and the massiveness of the voters who had to answer the question: Do you ratify the new Constitution of the Republic?

(Taken from ACN in Spanish)


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