Cubans in China Back Nobel for Henry Reeve Medical Brigade

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Beijing, July 25 (Prensa Latina) The Association of Cuban Residents in China ‘Ernesto Ché Guevara’ today added its support to the global petition to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Henry Reeve health contingent.

In a letter addressed to the Nobel Commission of the Norwegian Parliament (Den norske Nobelkomité), the group highlighted the human work carried out by the professionals of that brigade since its creation in 2005, as well as the quick and correct response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The contingent -the Cubans said- saved more than 80,000 people and was attended by some twenty countries with ‘the spirit of solidarity and internationalism that characterizes Cubans’.

The work carried out by the brigade during the Ebola crisis that struck the African peoples is widely recognized, and the peoples assisted by our doctors in containing the Covid-19 pandemic have also shown their gratitude,’ the text stated.

The Association recalled that the World Health Organization recognized the contribution of Henry Reeve and in 2015 Norwegian unions proposed her for the Nobel Peace Prize, for her role in containing Ebola.

It also referred to Cuba’s work in containing various situations of natural disasters and epidemics that have hit the planet in recent times. Along with the letter, the Association enclosed the signatures of its members supporting the petition to the Norwegian Parliament’s Nobel Committee.

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