Cuban prime minister to speak about facing Covid-19

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The Cuban Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, will appear today on the Cuban Television Round Table program, dedicated to the international spread of Covid-19 and the measures to face it in the country.

Also speaking on the program will be the Public Health Minister, Jose Angel Portal, to report on the action plan adopted and the rapid spread of the disease at the global level.

The broadcast from the Palace of the Revolution in Havana will be live from 18:00 local time on Cubavision, Cubavision Internacional, Caribe, Radio Habana Cuba, the Youtube channel of the Round Table and the Facebook pages of the Presidency, Cubadebate and the Round Table.

Last Saturday, in the province of Holguin, the cycle of regional meetings developed by the Cuban government to update the top leaders on the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Plan came to an end.

As in the two preparatory meetings in the western and central areas of the country, the one in the eastern region was led by President Miguel Diaz-Canel and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero. With the intense effort that has been made during these days of the week we have achieved a first moment of preparation of all the leaders involved in the implementation of the Prevention and Control Plan of the COVID-19, said Diaz-Canel in that province.

He said that now it is vital not to remain with the explanation that has been offered; we must study the Plan, prepare and share it with the labor groups at the grassroots, in the different municipalities and provinces.

The president emphasized the role and responsibility of those in charge of the implementation of this plan to face the coronavirus with its adequate dimension and efficiency.

‘Return to your territories and work on the specification and implementation of all these actions,’ he pointed out.

Associated with this, he highlighted the importance of forming particular situations that could happen in different localities and making proposals to respond to each of them; ‘from now on we must develop this thought.’

The President insisted that the people must know that the country is prepared and is taking the necessary measures in the face of the threat of the new coronavirus, but that their participation and understanding are vital in this battle.

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