Cuban health cooperators talk about their arrest in Bolivia

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Matanzas, Cuba. – Alexander Torres, one of the Cuban health cooperators unjustly arrested in Bolivia, assured today in Matanzas that they lived tense days of psychological mistreatment during the hours they were in prison.

Amparo García, Idalberto Delgado, Ramón Álvarez and Torres, were imprisoned by police organs of the Bolivian coup government, under false accusations of supposed financing of popular protests in Bolivia against the coup d’état.

He explained that they were accused, without evidence, of financing marches and for this he was arrested in a cell along with Idalberto, Ramón and 48 others, and Amparo in a cell next to other women.

He adds that they slept on the floor, overcrowded and they went 24 hours without eating, and that drinking water was dangerous due to possible contamination; he also added that the human rights of which the right speaks so much were not respected.

Cubans prove their innocence in Bolivia

Torres said at all times the Cuban embassy and the island’s medical coordination were concerned about their condition and about providing them with food.

The health specialist remarked that the three days were tense, because they didn’t know what time it was and they were incommunicado, not knowing what was happening outside.

It was proved that we were innocent, said the doctor, who arrived early this morning at his home in the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, in Matanzas, where he showed the Freedom Order issued by the Departmental Court of Justice in Bolivia.

Torres emphasized that the right is trying to eliminate the left, to reappear with force, and that imperialism is behind the coup d’état, and the great loser will be the Bolivian people.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)

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