Cuban government on alert and working against COVID-19

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Havana, April 16 (ACN) As every afternoon since the direct fight against COVID-19 began in Cuba, the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, and the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, led this Wednesday, through a video conference, the meeting of the temporary working group for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, of which 814 cases have already been confirmed on the island, 774 of them Cuban.

In an update on the situation in the largest of the Antilles, Public Health Minister José Angel Portal Miranda explained to the country’s management that 8,408 people are still being admitted for care and epidemiological surveillance. That figure, he said, includes 1,625 patients in hospitals and the rest in isolation centers for lower-risk suspects, contacts and travelers.

The territories with the highest incidence rates of cases by number of inhabitants are, in that order, the Isle of Youth (17), Ciego de Avila (71), Havana (297), Villa Clara (93), Sancti Spíritus (55) and Matanzas (53). So far, he added, 20 local disease transmission events remain open, of which 15 have been quarantined and the rest have been reinforced.

Portal Miranda clarified that there is no rush to close these events. Two incubation periods of COVID-19 will be waited for, that is, 28 days after the last case appeared in each of these places, to have total security when closing them, he said.

In the meeting of this day, and as it is being done in every session with all the provinces, the work of the Provincial Defense Council of Las Tunas and Holguin was known. Of the former, its authorities detailed that to date they have only confirmed 7 patients and there has been no indigenous transmission. However, as in the rest of the country, measures have been taken to limit the mobility of people, promote social isolation, care for the most vulnerable families and provide timely food and sanitation.

The situation in Holguín is more complicated with 59 positive cases to COVID-19 and three open events of local transmission, one in the municipality of Gibara, another in Banes and the last one in the Popular Council 26 of July, in the capital of Holguín.

The territory’s leaders stated that in these specific places all contacts are being isolated, homes and workplaces have been disinfected, movement has been restricted and sales outlets have been paralyzed.

The province of Havana had a particular focus, as in recent days it had been responsible for the largest number of confirmed cases in the country. According to the authorities in the capital, measures will be increased in several places in the city to cut off the transmission of the virus. At the same time, work in the province has been reinforced with specialists from the Ministry of Public Health.

In the debate between the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister with the governor of Havana, Reinaldo García Zapata, and the president of the Provincial Defense Council, Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, an image that has been circulating on social networks in recent hours about the alleged death of a person by COVID-19 on a street in the municipality of La Lisa was categorically denied.

The Head of State stressed that this “is part of the annexationist swarm that continues to try to discredit the work of the Revolution in terms of the new coronavirus, by putting false news on the networks.

At another point in this meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister, Alejandro Gil Fernández – who is heading the temporary working group in charge of presenting measures to strengthen the fight against the new coronavirus – announced that of the 1,085 children’s circles in the country, 444 are still in operation, with a minimum number of staff so that the economic impact is less.

They continue to be attended by around 2,000 children, children of mothers and fathers who work mainly in public health, the Ministry of the Interior, Trade and the banking system. That figure, he said, has been decreasing, and constant monitoring is being carried out.

Gil Fernández recalled that the decision taken earlier for those with children in primary schools, related to the support of 100% of the salary in the first month and 60% in the second, was extended to mothers or fathers with children in nursery schools.

The deputy prime minister also announced that a proposal is being designed to give continuity to the school year, in the conditions of social isolation that the nation is experiencing due to the pandemic. The information will be announced this Friday on the Round Table’s television program. In this regard, the Prime Minister reiterated the responsibility of families in the study and preparation, in more than one year, of the pandemic.


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