Cuban government maintains as its own the battle against Covid-19

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On Monday, which leaves a positive and hopeful balance on the fifth consecutive day without any reported deaths in the country due to COVID-19, and in which only nine positive cases of the disease were reported, the Cuban Government ratified that it maintains a clear responsibility in the compliance of each of the measures implemented in Cuba to prevent the spread of the virus.

During the usual meeting with the ad hoc group for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus -headed, as every afternoon, by the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, and the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz-, the head of Public Health, José Angel Portal Miranda, pointed out that of the 1,881 patients who have been diagnosed with the disease so far, 295 have been admitted, which represents just over 15% of those confirmed.

He explained that 286, or 96.9%, have a stable clinical course.

As a novel element he commented that of the more than two thousand real time PCR analyses that have been carried out, as part of the population study that is being carried out in the country, only two cases have been positive to date and correspond to the patients informed this Monday, detected in the municipality of Mantua and in Manatí, located in Las Tunas.

When updating on the behavior of the local transmission events that have opened in the national territory, he explained that out of a total of 44, 14 remain active, after having closed on Monday the Lottery events, in the municipality of Cotorro, and Pocito-Palmares, in the municipality of Marianao, both in the province of Havana; as well as the one in the 26 de Julio distribution, belonging to the province of Holguín.

Speaking at the meeting, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz stressed the priority that should be given to actions designed to strengthen the protection of the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly, psychiatric patients and children without family protection. Attention to them must be prioritized and constant, he stressed.

Likewise, he stressed the need to continue the fight against illegalities and corruption, in all its forms, since these are facts that tarnish the effort of the Cuban Government in the battle against the new coronavirus and the attitude of the majority of our people, who have responsibly assumed their role in the confrontation with COVID-19. (Source ACN)

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