Cuban Foreign Minister emphasizes solidarity with nationals abroad

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Havana, June 16 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez, highlighted today the solidarity and professionalism with which the work for the return of the nationals stranded abroad because of the Covid-19 has been carried out.

In his Twitter account, the foreign minister noted that 3,815 people are already back in the country and that efforts are continuing for the safe return of others.

The consulates, along with the Associations of Cubans Living Abroad, continue to provide care and support to those who were detained in other regions by the pandemic, the island’s chief of diplomacy added.

The day before, the director general of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad of the Caribbean Foreign Ministry, Ernesto Soberón, said on the same social network that in the last week nearly 100 citizens returned.

From 39 countries, operations have been organized for the return to their homes and the actions of diplomatic headquarters are maintained for those who remain in that situation, he added.

The foreign minister said Saturday that the island’s consulates will resume their services in those countries where health conditions allow it.

The foreign minister said that in all cases the necessary security measures are taken to avoid contagion with Covid-19.

He clarified that this reopening does not eliminate the extension of the permit to stay abroad to those citizens who, as a result of the pandemic, have not been able to return to their country in 24 months.

In the face of the complex epidemiological situation, no effort or resources have been spared in protecting citizens, Rodríguez said, and he also thanked the authorities of Germany, Ecuador, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Russia.

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