Cuban Foreign Minister condemned US aggressive foreign policy

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Cuba´s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla condemned in his Twitter account the foreign policy of the United States government which is a threat to peace and stability in the world.

“The behavior of the US government poses a growing threat to international stability: acts vs. peace and security, economic imbalances, unilateral coercive measures, climate change, interference with internal affairs of other states, racist and discriminatory immigration policy,” says the message published by the Cuban minister.

Among the most recent threats by President Donald Trump is the suggestion made to his national security officials to send Navy ships along the Venezuelan coast to prevent the entry and exit of goods, according to Axios news portal.

Another demonstration of the policy of the current American president is his interest in buying Greenland, an issue that in his own words could be discussed with Denmark, even though Danish authorities and those from the Atlantic island denied that it is for sale.

(Taken from ACN)

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