Cuba will maintain talks with artists not committed to the United States

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Havana, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Culture Minister Alpidio Alonso confirmed today that opportunities for talks with young people and artists whose work is not committed to U.S. interests remain open.

His statement has to do with the meeting agreed upon between persons linked to the arts and authorities of the organization, after the congregation of persons at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture (Mincult) last November 27, in demand of a dialogue.

After receiving a message from the interested parties, with the intention of ‘imposing, in a unilateral way, who, with whom and for what purpose will accept a dialogue’, according to the Mincult communiqué released today, there was a break in the exchange that began a week ago.

The organization declared its position not to meet with people or media ‘who have direct contact and receive funding, logistical support and propaganda support from the United States Government and its officials’.

Cuba’s  Minister of Culture

In this sense, Alonso in his official Twitter account, wrote: ‘For the young people and for all the artists who met in front of Mincult on November 27, who have not compromised their work with the enemies of the Cuban nation, the opportunities for dialogue remain open’.

With the mercenaries, we do not understand each other,’ he emphasized.

Also on Twitter, the deputy minister of that ministry, Fernando Rojas, said that the exchange with the union continues, only that ‘the distinction between artist and beneficiary of US federal funds must be appreciated’.

According to a tweet from the president of the Casa de las Americas institution, Abel Prieto, Washington’s project to ‘manufacture in Cuba a dissidence among intellectuals and artists is very old and it has always failed’.

It is pathetic that they have to recruit marginals to disguise them as creators,’ he said in reference to those related to the so-called San Isidro Movement.

The group held a protest to demand the government’s release of rapper Denis Solis, who was sentenced to eight months in prison for the crime of contempt of a police officer in the exercise of his duties.

Authorities on the island revealed the links between the members of that organization and representatives of the United States, in what they described as meddling by Washington in Cuba’s internal affairs.



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