Cuban Ambassador to the United States concludes visit to Tampa

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Tampa, USA – José Ramón Cabañas, Cuban ambassador to the United States, spoke with authorities, businessmen and representatives of other sectors about the links between our country and Tampa, during a visit to that American city that ended Tuesday.

As part of his activities, the diplomat participated in an event with members of the Rotary Club of that city in the southern state of Florida, an organization that recently sent a delegation to Cuba.

During the dialogue with the club members, with whom he discussed the historical ties between the Antillean country and Tampa, as well as the current state of the ties between the two nations, Cabañas urged the residents and authorities of the city to visit the island next November.

That month will mark the 500th anniversary of Havana’s founding, and the diplomat said he extended an invitation on behalf of the organizers of the festivities.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)


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