Cuban 2019-Constitution, one year to have been proclaimed

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Under a non-pleasant atmosphere we remember that on April 10, 2019, an extraordinary session of the Cuban Parliament proclaimed the New Magna Carta of the Republic of Cuba, after a very long and deep process which entailed a popular consultation and approval of the legislative body of the nation.

Today, under the attack of the Covid-19, the Cuban Revolution implement all sort of measures to protect the people from dying because of the infection with the new coronavirus. As foreseen by the Constitution, free medical care is one basic principle. And the circumstances of epidemic reinforce this principle. None of the 1 860 patients in hospital has paid one cent to be assisted, is the case of the 515 sick people who have been treated in Cuban hospitals.

Nevertheless, the Cuban government has done quite a lot of efforts to acquire stuffs to create the necessary conditions to deal with Covid-19. And our medical services have gone beyond our borders to help other nations fight this deadly virus. This is another basic principle of the new Magna Carta of Cuba: internationalism and solidarity.

Cuban doctors have fought Ebola in Africa, have assisted victims of natural disasters in Pakistan, Peru, Mexico, Haiti. Now members of the Henry Reeve Brigade are fighting Covid-19 in Lombardy, Italy. Contramaestre is represented there by two doctors: Dr. Ibrahín De La Rosa Aguilera and Dr. Osmar Andino Mojena.

The constitution proclaimed on April 10,2019 sets the laws a people need to live with dignity, security and to treated as human beings.


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