Cuba will closely follow the U.S. electoral process

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Havana, June 2 (Prensa Latina) Cuba will follow the presidential elections in the United States because of the influence it has in the world and the tendency of the American political class to refuse to recognize the sovereign rights of the Cuban nation.

In our special case, because of the geographical proximity and the historical tendency, I would say that it is consistent of the various U.S. governments and the political class, to refuse to recognize the sovereign rights of the Cuban nation”, stated a senior official at the Foreign Ministry.

Carlos Fernandez de Cossío, the director in charge of relations with the US, for the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told Prensa Latina that there is an “inability to accept that we Cubans have the right to self-determination”.

In an exclusive conversation at his office at the Foreign Ministry in Havana, the ambassador commented that the impact of the elections in the US is direct for that country, but also for the entire world.

One can consider that due to the disproportionate influence that the United States has in military, economic and communication terms, what happens in the US elections and the policies that result from whoever is elected have an impact on the entire international community,’ he analyzed.

All this, he continued in the dialogue with Prensa Latina, has marked and influenced throughout history the relationship between the two countries. And that is why we naturally follow closely what results from the electoral process in the US, specifically around Cuba.

Fernández de Cossío considered that in recent times the aggressiveness of the White House against the Caribbean island has increased and the lack of a vertical pronouncement on the terrorist attack against the Cuban embassy in Washington is one more proof.

Now, what can be expected from the future, how far the current US government could go, that depends on what the political class of that country allows (…)’, he reflected.

In his answers during the interview with Prensa Latina, the diplomat pointed out that ‘it depends on what the political structures and those who have an interest in the US foreign policy and those who have an interest in Cuba allow.

He pointed out that ‘there are large sectors of American society and many politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties who embraced the rapprochement with Cuba which took place between 2015 and 2016, which they considered to be a positive step for US foreign policy’.

Therefore, this government and its conduct can go as far as those groups and segments within the United States allow,’ he said.


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