Bruno Rodriguez strongly rejects accusations of alleged Cuban interference in US elections

Havana, Nov 20 (RHC) Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez described as slander and false information the accusations of alleged Cuban meddling in the U.S. electoral process, made by lawyers linked to Donald Trump.

“Representatives of President Trump are lying without mercy in spreading false information about alleged Cuban interference in the U.S. elections. Pure slander. In contrast to current US State Department policy, Cuba does not interfere in the electoral process of other countries,” the Cuban Foreign Affairs headline wrote on his Twitter social network account.

This Thursday, Rudy Giuliani, personal lawyer of Governor Donald Trump, during a press conference, blamed Venezuela, Cuba and China for interfering in the result of the presidential elections held last November 3.

Giuliani indicated that the machines and the system they use for voting are linked to Venezuela, Cuba and other global players who “do not want Trump to continue being president”.

According to the lawyer, the voting system used in most of the states during the past elections was produced by the company Smartmatic, whose founders are Venezuelans. “They were allies of Hugo Chavez and are allies of Nicolas Maduro,” said Trump’s personal attorney.

In addition, the aforementioned lawyer affirmed that the Venezuelan government created the software to ensure that it would not lose any elections.

Attorney Sidney Powell, linked to Trump’s electoral campaign, affirmed to different media that ‘communist money’ had been used to influence the elections, alluding to the governments of Venezuela, Cuba and China.

Before the accusations of violations of the security of the elections have been denied by the Infrastructure Security and Cyber Security Agency of the United States, which last week issued a declaration where it affirmed that these were the safest votes in history.

There is no evidence that any voting mechanism has eliminated, lost, or changed votes or has been in any way intercepted,” the statement said, based on a joint assessment by election security groups, including the National Association of State Election Directors.

Security claims from the past election cost Agency Director Chris Krebs his job, and he was fired Tuesday for that reason, Trump said in a tweet.


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