Belgians know about the US blockade against Cuba and its impact

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Brussels, Nov 18 (Prensa Latina) The Oxygen for Cuba campaign allowed Belgian citizens to know details of the impact on the island of the US blockade, a policy that generates rejection, said today Wim Leysens, one of the promoters of the initiative.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, the representative of the Belgian coordinator against the US blockade of Cuba showed satisfaction with the scope and the reactions awakened during the campaign, which ends this Wednesday after seven months of activity.

During these months we have given voice through videos to Cubans who suffer the consequences of this policy and tell how life is under the blockade, in a scenario aggravated by Covid-19, he said.

According to Leysens, those testimonies allowed the approach in Belgium to the reality in Cuba, marked by many limitations, but at the same time by the resistance and optimism of a people in the face of the US aggression.

The messages of admiration and solidarity with the island are striking, as well as the repudiation of the blockade and the intensification by Donald Trump’s administration of a measure that before him was already quite cruel, he stressed.

The campaign also made possible an approach to the support of the largest of the Antilles and its Henry Reeve medical brigades to dozens of countries affected by the Covid-19, despite the affectations caused by the economic, commercial and financial siege in place for 60 years.

We saw a recognition of Cuba’s internationalism in such hard times for its population and the world, so we can say that we are happy with the results of our initiative against the US blockade,” he told Prensa Latina.

The official closing of the Oxygen for Cuba campaign will be tonight in an online forum with the participation of several people and the presence as guest of the ambassador of the Caribbean nation, Norma Goicochea.

Leysens pointed out that the solidarity in Belgium with the island goes on, and coordination with activists from other European countries is underway for the incorporation of the initiative “Unblock Cuba”, already promoted in Germany and Switzerland.

We are talking with organizations in Europe to see what we can do, for example, to address MEPs, as part of this new campaign in view of the vote in May in the UN General Assembly on a resolution against the US blockade, he added.

Cuba, in view of the impact of the pandemic on a global scale, and in particular on the United States, decided to transfer to May 2021 the presentation and consideration of the draft resolution calling for the end of the US blockade, a text similar to the one strongly supported in the Assembly since 1992.

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