Cuba scales up in global cybersecurity

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At the end of 2018, Cuba was ranked 81st in the world ranking endorsed by the World Cybersecurity Index, issued by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and it is thus categorized among the countries with an average level of cybersecurity.

This figure surpasses the position of previous years, as the island managed to climb 71 seats between the last ranking and this, a fact that constitutes a step forward and international recognition of the efforts made by the country to strengthen the process of computerization of society, highlights Granma newspaper.

“However, work continues to improve national cybersecurity and a work system is implemented with measures ranging from human capital training to the protection of all infrastructures and services,” Miguel Gutierrez Rodriguez, general director of information technology at the Ministry of Communications, told Granma.

The system – a reflection of the political will of the country’s leadership to advance in this strategic line of development, which the Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, has constantly followed – corresponds to the same areas of the index issued by the ITU and it includes legal, organizational, technological, human capital formation, international cooperation and institutional communication.

With respect to the legal framework, work is being done on an existing one and another is being designed, which is about to come out; a project that should become an enabling framework for other policies, such as the case of a security decree and an industry of computer applications, he added.

In the technical field, he noted, work is being carried out to strengthen the telecommunications infrastructure and computerized services from the perspective of responding to and mitigating cyber vulnerabilities and incidents.

In addition, preparation is underway for specialized cybersecurity structures, particularly the Office of Computer Network Security, focusing on identifying joint actions to protect national cyberspace, said Gutiérrez Rodríguez.

The director added that a project is being initiated with the Ministry of Justice for the protection and privacy of personal data, because as the population interacts more and more with the electronic media, the protection will be more relevant.

In relation to the development of capacities, the production of computer applications and national computerized services is being worked on, whose fundamental strategic line is the migration to free software, given the sustainability offered by these technologies.

(Taken from Granma in Spanish)


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