Cuba returns to normal today in the face of the Covid-19

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Havana, Oct 12 (Prensa Latina) Cuba starts from today to live a period of new normality in front of Covid-19, characterized by a reestablishment of productive activity and services, together with a strengthening of epidemiological surveillance.

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero, when presenting the plan that endorses the work strategy in this new stage in which most of the country is inserted, with the exception of Havana, Ciego de Avila and Sancti Spíritus, emphasized people’s responsibility, adopting a new code and life style.

The head of government insisted on the enforcement and control of the hygienic-sanitary measures, as well as other provisions that ensure the protection of health, because the point is to resume the daily rhythm, learning to live with the disease, he said.

That is the reason why, together with the deactivation of the defense councils in the areas that are going to the new normality, provisions such as the physical distance, the use of the mask and the frequent washing of the hands are preserved.

Likewise, the need to systematically disinfect surfaces and to prohibit the entrance to work and study centers of people with signs and symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 or other communicable diseases continues.

Active surveillance in the communities, through quality research, will be more important than ever, said Marrero, who argued that this procedure will be aimed at finding patients with symptoms, prioritizing closed units, vulnerable groups and risk areas.

An important change in this period is the decision to admit contacts of confirmed and suspected cases to the home, except for older adults with associated diseases, those who do not have conditions at home or those whose social behavior does not allow for proper isolation.

Likewise, travelers arriving from abroad, Cuban or foreign, will receive the examination for the detection of the new coronavirus and the surveillance protocol will be applied to them in the place where they stay in the country.

The entry of passengers from abroad will be allowed at this stage, while Cuban residents will be able to travel abroad according to the availability of flights.

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