Cuba refutes accusations of U.S. Secretary of State

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The Chancellor of Cuba, Bruno Rodriguez, today rejected the pronouncements of the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who accused the Island of being the true imperialist power in Venezuela.

U.S. Secretary of State makes a fool of himself by saying that Cuba is the real imperialist power in Venezuela. His government plundered Venezuela for two centuries, organized the 2002 coup d’état, the 2003 oil attack, invented the self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidó and it celebrates the electric coup, Bruno Rodríguez wrote on his Twitter account.

On Monday Pompeo held a press conference in Washington, where he accused Cuba and Russia of playing a key role in destroying democracy in the South American nation.

Recently, Rodriguez also reiterated that the Greatest of the Antilles does not intervene in Venezuela’s internal affairs.

(Taken from Radio Reloj in Spanish)

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