Cuba in the battle against Covid-19

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Havana, Cuba. – The Head of the Department of International Health Control of the Ministry of Public Health, Carmelo Trujillo, assured that the 4 patients with the Covid-19 in Cuba maintain a favorable evolution, without danger for life and have guaranteed the necessary resources for their recovery.

It said that there are suspicious people admitted for epidemiological surveillance and outbreak control actions are carried out to prevent the spread of the virus.

Regarding the case linked to the Cuban woman who tested positive for the virus in Panama after returning from the island, the doctor clarified that the brother, a student at the José Antonio Echevarría University (CUJAE) and the other contacts, after being tested twice, tested negative for Covid-19.

There was not and is not an outbreak of the disease at CUJAE, Trujillo said, and said that border surveillance is being strengthened and training is being increased.

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